RandomWinners is the most trusted third party authority that guarantees a fair drawing for competitions and sweepstakes all over the world.

No bias, no doubt!

Once the list of entrants is uploaded to our servers by the sweepstakes organizer, machines take over! The list can no longer be altered or tampered with in any way. Once the draw is completed, the results are final and permanent. Entrants can query the list and find out with certainty if they were indeed included in the list. Read more →

Real odds, true randomness!

To draw the winners, RandomWinners.com uses a state of the art swiss-made device based on the principles of quantum optics. Certified by both METAS and the Compliance Testing Laboratory, our device guarantees true randomness. Read more →

Organizer identity check: check!

We take identity seriously. Whenever you see a brand or company holding a draw on RandomWinners.com you can be sure the account belongs to that company. Nobody can claim they are somebody they’re not and mislead you! Read more →

Advanced control over drawing procedure and display data.

RandomWinners.com computes and takes into account multiple odds, supports backup winners and allows detailed selection of entrant data that is displayed. Read more.

Some of the companies who choose to conduct their draws in a fair and transparent manner on RandomWinners:
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